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D2 Gentle Cleansing Face Wash

D2 Gentle Cleansing Face Wash

 Main ingredient
Decyl Glucoside、Colloidal Silver.

Mild formula, alcohol-free, cleanses dirt, moisturizes and nourishes.  

Access an adequate amount in the palm, add a small amount of water and rub until it turns into fine foam, cleanse the entire face thoroughly, and then rinse with warm water when the dirt dissolves.

120g / bottle

Suitable Skin Types
General skin

§ Product Characteristics §
1. Mildly cleanses filth from pores.
2. Maintains facial skin moisturized, leaving skin relieved without tightness and stickiness after washing.
3. Non-irritating formula, stabilizes skin's oil-water balance.
4. In-depth nourishment to the skin, relieves, repairs and moisturizes. 
5. Reinforces skin's defensive ability, relieves signs of irritations.


- Reminders for Product Application -
01. Please use an adequate amount to test on part of the skin before full application.
02. Please stop the application immediately and consult a professional doctor if any discomfort occurs after application.
03. Please rinse with clean water immediately if it gets into the eyes.
04. Please close the lid after application to avoid dirt from entering the jar.
05. It is suggested to finish the contents of the jar within 3 months after unsealing.
06. Please store in a place not easily accessible by children.
07. Please store in a cool place and avoid direct sun exposure or humid environment.

- Customized Services -
We may design, develop and manufacture according to customers' demands, for instance: functions, colors, volume…etc.
Provides customers with external packaging design and purchase.
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